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To my Page On this page you will see loads of different content. Please remember to refresh the page often when visiting us as new content is added daily.  Please visit the memorial/tribute page we have made for Gina say a prayer for her mom and keep her in your thoughts always.  We have added a gallery and tribute page to my MOM. Please visit it and pay your respects. We lost her in 2011 and not a day goes by I don’t think of her and wish she was here with us still. Miss and love you so much mom <3  The site has been updated today, we added quite a few things that are behind the scene’s like cloud fare for example, the  page is now secure, Continue to enjoy visiting us while we  add more content to the site.  Thanks for visiting the page, please stay posted as we add  more content.  We continue to work on the site and adding content daily  still working on adding photo galleries that you can actually like photos and comment on photos , keep posted!    Luis M Marisy
10-17-2020 The site was updated-- today please refresh for the newest content and remember we will always be updating this site! The site is now running its very own Picture Gallery please feel free to visit the gallery and view the many pictures that will be posted there.
Pictures are now hosted on this server no more 3rd party websites for pictures, you could also make your own gallery and upload pictures and show your friends and family. if you are a family member and would love for me to add pictures to a gallery or add a new gallery for you to share with anyone please email me by clicking HERE. ANYONE COULD VIEW THE PICTURE GALLERY YOU NO LONGER NEED TO APPLY FOR AN ACCOUNT, ENJOY